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you take more time off..

we take care of everything.

award-winning virtual assistants with a magical touch

These are strange and exciting times. Our fates are no longer in the hands of 'the man'.

The internet has made us all masters of our own destiny and you can be a banker sunning yourself in Thailand, or a mom-of three running a booming business from your kitchen table.

With great freedom comes great responsibility. We may master our destiny, but most of us are still slaves to our endless to-do list. That's where we come in and our promise is to deliver a personal, 1-2-1 virtual assistant experience with a hand-picked staff who is suitable to your needs.

Cherry Godmother is a unique, affordable service that was created by a team of award-winning virtual assistants with a big vision, partnered with the clients who really believed in us. Read the full story here or explore our website to discover our services, packages and Q/As.

Cherry Godmother Virtual Assistants
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a virtual assistant can help you if you're a:

Small business

owner / startup

Artistst or




Fitness / sports




Head of a large corporation

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